problemas con el dvd

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problemas con el dvd

Notapor epopeya7 » 17 Sep 2002, 19:20

:? Tengo un problemilla con mi pc a la hora de ver dvds. Al intentar cargar una peli en el dvd me dice q no tengo instalado un descodificador DVD compatible con Win 2000. Donde puedo encontrar uno?? :roll:
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DVD Player

Notapor JorgeAVM » 17 Sep 2002, 20:54

De este lugar puedes bajar un DVD player.

Información relacionada al programa:


CPU: depends on the type of video you are playing. For the suggested MPEG4 you need a Pentium II or faster for smooth playback, for MPEG1 a Pentium 233 MMX or faster should be enough.
CD-ROM with fast track access time for smooth winding/jumping in the movie and to minimize skips+lag when playing multi-language
Windows 9x/NT/2000
Microsoft MediaPlayer 6.4 or higher. Downloadable for free from Microsoft.
MPEG4 Video Codec ("DivX " recommended), MP3 Audio Codec (Fraunhofer recommended, included in the DivX package). This is not needed if you don't intend to use MPEG4-MP3 AVIs.
Optionally other codecs you wish to use for playback.

Major new features in the current version

Pan-and-Scan can be toggled on the fly now, using two configurable keys to set the desired mode and turn it on/off
Major redesign and improvement of the Playlist Editor, and added a counterpart for INI files on your HDD: the Movie Catalog Editor, for those users who like to keep lots of movies with their INIs on HDD. The two editors are mainly like WinAmp's playlist now.
Opening files of any kind now works intuitively with the EJECT button. Depending on the player's state (MDVD/FILE, source CD/HDD/QuickINI) you can open an INI file, compose a QuickINI, or open a single media file.
The player can now change the screen resolution when switching to fullscreen mode.
The font size of subtitles can now be automatically recalculated when switching to fullscreen/changing resolution, so subtitles always appear as having the same size relative to the movie width.
The overlay support has been greatly improved. Detection of available overlay should work without any black boxes / frozen frames now.
Transparent subtitles in window mode are now available.
The chapterlist/playlist window now has a scrollbar if more than 35 entries have to be displayed, thus enabling it to display very large amounts of chapters/files.
Added a Movie Information window and a Tip of the Day option
Sub Station Alpha subtitle files are now supported.
The player can now register file types to be automatically launched when you execute them.
Added an option minimum vertical distance between subtitles and screen edge.
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Notapor epopeya7 » 18 Sep 2002, 09:08

:D muchas gracias voy a intentarlo a ver q m dice
un bezo :wink:
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Notapor EvilDemon » 18 Sep 2002, 17:58

Si intentas buscar en la página con el criterio de "DVD player" te da los resultados de reproductores de DVD para descargar, luego filtras el resultado de los reproductores que son para Windows 2000 en la opción "filter by" ventana "All OSs"
Nuevo o poco activo
Nuevo o poco activo
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